Heather lost an amazing 89 pounds!

13 Feb

Here is Heather’s success story!

“Ok so here goes! My journey with skinny fiber started two years ago after struggling for two alone. I have had my thyroid removed and weight can be difficult to keep off. After about a year of sitting on the sidelines I decided to jump on board with skinny fiber. Within months I lost forty pounds and I have officially lost and kept off a total of 89 pounds now with a low carb way of eating, skinny fiber and Hiburn8. 

These products gave me back my life. I am hiking, camping and living. Before I was not I hurt too bad. The pain I was in before both physically and mentally is gone! My children have me my grandchildren have me and most importantly I have me! Take care of yourself! Order the products! You deserve it!”

Real People, Real Results!

Learn more about our life changing products today at www.BeHealthyAndLive.com



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