Remove these 10 Things from your Diet to Lose Weight

22 Feb

If you are struggling with losing weight, maybe it’s time to take a hard look at your DIET.

Here are 10 Things to remove from your DIET to help you lose weight:

1. Diet Soda
2. Carb-only snacks
3. Agave
4. Low-fat foods
5. Granola
6. Frozen meals
7. 100-calorie snacks
8. Smoothies
9. Sweetened yogurt
10. Packaged vegetable chips

I will share the reasons why in my Weight Loss Support Group on Facebook.  If you are not 

in the Support Group, reply to this email and I will send you the link for the group.

Also, I will be LIVE Tonight at 9pm EST/8pm CST/6pm PST sharing information on the weight loss

process and a quick overview about HiBurn8 & E3 Energy Drink.  

Go to my Facebook page at 9pm EST tonight to watch my LIVE video:

If you need to place your next order, go to

Coach Marcus – 623-428-9622



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