Jane’s lost 132 Pounds

16 Mar

Jane has lost 132 pounds and is now free of so many issues that were causing her health problems. What a gift she gave to herself and her family!! Best money ever spent! Give yourself and those you love the gift of health this year! 

Here is her story!! “My journey to a healthier life came after being diagnosed with cancer, hypothyroidism, Hoshimotos and severe anemia, along with a few other medical issues I was facing. I knew, being in the medical field, I had to lose the weight as it was a contributing factor. 8 years ago , my journey began and failed with many drastic attempts. Then, after losing 50 pounds and having 80 more to go , I found SBC products. I began taking the Skinny Fiber & inches started falling off !!!! I was shocked. Then Skinny Body Max came out and Hiburn8, so I added those as well. Due to severe insomnia, this was a blessing !! 132 pounds down as of today, I am cancer free, feeling better than ever, inside and out. I am a better role model to my children, grandchildren, family and friends and hope to be here to see all of them grow up to the beautiful adults they are blossoming to be. Thank you for this product. What a blessing!!”


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