Bonnie has lost 50 Pounds!

23 Mar

If you want to lose weight, order TODAY at

Bonnie has lost 50 pounds!! Wow! ❤
I finally got an updated pic! No Stopping Me Now!!!
If you are Sick and Tired of feeling miserable and talking about losing weight then Stop It Now and Do Something about it!!!
I want to personally thank all of my family and friends here on facebook for supporting me and keeping me motivated!! 
I am not finished yet but I will get there!
It has been 5 months and taking Max to help me stick to my low carb/low calorie diet and drop 50 pounds! I also take the E3 for an extra boost of energy in the mornings! 

The BEST thing is NO STimulants! All natural!!!
I have just added the hb8 but have not been taking it every night.
 NO Exercise however I have just started walking 10 days ago.

I know that if I Can do it then You Can do this too!!
I am 59 and have made My decision to take my life back and be in control! Will you join me and we can do this together?


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