Katie has lost 15 pounds and 13 inches

31 Mar

Katie says:

Feel so happy. I am celebrating two things today. First, my baby turned 2 today, my does time fly!! But also my 3 month weight loss accomplishment. I am officially down 15 pounds 3 days shy of my 90 day challenge. I have lost 13 inches… 4 on my belly fat alone! Wow, I just feel so proud for being consistent, but also hopeful that a few more rounds I will finally have the body I have been dreaming of for way too long. I love that several of my friends have started their journey and are also seeing results. I am actually going to be brave and take a new “before pic” in a swimsuit 🙈 yikes! But When I show you my after pic 90 days from now, I want to be comfortable in a swimsuit. So help me celebrate my two greatest accomplishments today!
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