Melanie has lost several pounds and inches

14 Apr

Hi everyone! This is Melanie and I just wanted to share another update with you.  

As many of you know, I have been suffering with an Achilles tendon tear, so my results have been somewhat slow because I’m not actually exercising much.  
My physical therapist told me not to wear tennis shoes if I can help it and I don’t want surgery, so I swim when I can and I do take walks, but really haven’t been walking that far. Just around my block for about 20 minutes and it’s not consistent like it should be. I’m waiting for warmer consistent weather 🙂 I do try to jog some when I take a walk, but have to be really careful how I step with my foot.
So, you can see my progress is truly pretty magnificent. I don’t eat out like I used to and try to prepare every meal at home. I may have a cup or two at the most of coffee per day and don’t deprive myself of anything, but don’t eat sweets, bread, or any other junk foods on a daily basis. If I want something sweet occasionally, I’ll eat it.
The most wonderful thing I’ve found about Skinny Fiber and Skinny Body Max, is as you take it consistently you’ll find that when you do eat something sweet or salty….you’re not going to really want it because it changes your taste for it. Things that are sweet, become really sweet and things that are salty become more salty and you’re able to control yourself better.  
I have added Hiburn8 to my daily routine and love this product! I’m able to fall asleep much faster and stay asleep, but I measure my success by my stomach. I don’t weigh myself on the scale because the fiber helps to pack on muscle and so I only go by the way my clothes fit.
I’m wearing the same shirt in all three pictures. The first was taken in December 2015, the second in March of 2016 and the third in March of 2017. IT WORKS IF YOU TAKE IT CONSISTENTLY!!!
My doctor was quite surprised when I showed her my before and after pictures. Please get in touch with whoever is sharing this with you and order today!
Get started today at
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