Juli lost weight and lots of inches

3 Jun

Juli checking in with her results after her second, 90 Day Challenge. Despite a thyroid condition,and being on meds, she has had solid results!
“I want to tell you how difficult this is for me to share my before photo, but Skinny Body Care has changed my life! I started Skinny Fiber 6 months ago. I was hoping to lose 15-20 lbs. Most of my clothes in my closest were tight and many pants no longer fit. Being hypothyroid, I was having a difficult time losing. Within the first week I lost a 3 lbs and numerous inches in the waste without doing anything different. Over the next 6 weeks the weight just started to fall off. I lost 17 lbs and numerous inches. So, although my before pictures don’t look a lot different, I can tell you that my only size 8 jeans were too tight and those were the only jeans I wore. I now comfortably fit into my 6’s and some 4’s! Skinny Body Care has helped me see that we are all different. Some can lose weight without making dietary changes and others have to make some! Some lose quickly and others slower. I attribute SBC to the reduction in meds as well as balancing all glandular issues. It did take some time, but I am a Skinny Body Care lover for life”!
Get your Skinny on! 100% natural! NO wraps! NO shakes! NO fake food! NO hormones!! NO KIDDING!! 90 Day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!
Get started today at www.skinnybodyin90days.com


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