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Cryptocurrency News 7/19/17

19 Jul

In the news…

Bitcoin Won’t Be Illegal in India, Likely Regulated as a Security. A report by Indian investor publication MoneyControl has cited a government official as stating that bitcoin, despite calls by politicians to outlaw cryptocurrencies, is unlikely to be declared illegal in the country. It will mos t likely be treated as a security. This could be huge for cryptocurrencies and will open up an entire new country.
* Audience Member Holds ‘Buy Bitcoin’ Sign During Yellen Testimony. The Chair of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, gave her&nb sp;testimony  before the House Financial Services Committee today, and the message was loud and clear. While Yellen spoke on interest rates and reserve policies for the coming year, one tricky Bitcoin fan raised a sign saying, “Buy Bitcoin” in the background in clear view of the camera. What an awesome dude!

Bitcoin changes set for August 1st. Updates to the core programming for Bitcoin are set to deploy August 1st. These updates will help to ensure the scalability of Bitcoin as it gains MASSIVE global adoption. 

Every DAY, there is NEW news about cryptocurrencies.  The timing could not be more PERFECT.

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17 Jul

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iCoinPro just went over 10,000 members!

11 Jul

Woooooo Hooooooo! ICOINPRO just went over 10,000 active members! This is in less than 2 months! I swear this thing is bigger than I expected!

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My investment has increased by nearly 18% in 2 weeks

5 Jul

2 weeks ago, I made a small investment by purchasing Litecoin. Well, it has already increased by 17.9% 💥💥💥

Look at how much the price of 1 Litecoin has increased in 1 year. 👀👀
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