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80/20 Eating Rule I Follow

1 Jan
80 20
I do my best to follow the “80/20 Rule” when it comes to the foods I eat. I eat healthy 80% of the time and 20% of the time I allow myself to splurge.
There are 7 days in a week and I eat 3 meals per day, which comes out to 21 meals per week. I eat 17 healthy meals and 4 not so healthy meals each week. I also eat 3 snacks each day. Usually, 2 hours after each main meal. Again, that’s 21 snacks per week. I eat around 17 healthy snacks and 4 not so healthy snacks each week.
I make sure I eat the proper serving size regardless of the food being healthy or not so healthy…….This might be something you want to incorporate if you’ve made the decision to switch to a healthier lifestyle.
Coach Marcus
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Tracy went from a Size 10 to a Size 6 in 2 months

28 Aug
 Tracy 8.28.15Wow look at Tracy! Would you believe she is 45 years YOUNG?! She looks Fantastic! Way to Go Tracy!
Tracy says:
“This is me, I went from a size 10 to a size 6 and dropped that muffin top. I am 45 years old and I feel better then I felt at 30. I dropped my weight fairly quick about 2 months, but I continue to take Skinny fiber because it helps me so much with my IBS, Fibro pain and most of all my hot flashes.
All I do is drink my water and take my Skinny Fiber 2 times a day, I eat low carb, mostly (I also eat my yummy deserts, but I do not over indulge as much as before) If I can do this you can do this. Skinny Fiber works, I’m proof.
I lost 10 pounds and countless inches. Like I said I went from a size 10 to a size 6, When I hit size 10 I was devastated, I never had to watch my weight I always was thin, always wore a size 0 or 3, but 10… I could not stand it. The dr told me it was normal at my age to gain weight and just deal with it or exercise. I hate exercising, always been one that I can’t stand to sweat, lol. But, I tried by using my Wii and tried walking more, but it just did not budge, then I gave up. I saw Skinny Fiber being posted online, and the testimony I saw about Mike Ames is the one that got me to buy it.”
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How Prolonged Sitting Can Hurt You

18 Aug

Tip of the day

How prolonged sitting can hurt you

In recent years a variety of major international research has produced compelling evidence that sitting more than 4 hours each day leads to:

• The enzymes responsible for burning fat shutting down
• Reduced metabolic rate
• Stopping of the electricity flow in the legs

The result leads to increased risks of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer (amongst other things.) A variety of studies have warned that sedentary lifestyles are likely to be causing as many deaths as smoking.

Consider adding a reminder to your calendar to stand or walk once each hour.

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Sue lost 40 pounds

6 Aug

Sue Williamson MoschinoSue lost 40 pounds in 9 months and says:

“Figured I should do another updated Skinny Fiber before and after. First photo was on a cruise.. I believe 2007 40 lbs lighter and a few years later haha.

I’m a rep..and like the many health benefits from Skinny Fiber so I continue to take the product that helped me in my weight loss journey.”

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