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The way you Think and what you Think matters

16 Aug

I Keep Getting Leads for my Online Business and It Won’t Stop!

3 Aug

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Simple way to make money online for only $7

17 Jul

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Our Introduction – Episode #1 On The Couch With Marcus and Tammy

20 Aug

Skinny Fiber is #8 in Shape Magazine!!

17 Dec

Best Diets 2014

This is AWESOME! πŸ™‚

Skinny Fiber is #8 in Shape Magazine!!
Most popular diets of 2014!

Skinny Fiber made the list– right up there with other well known diets…. We even beat the MAYO clinic. Skinny Fiber is not a fad and here to stay!!
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An amazing nutritional supplement that really promotes good healthy habits!!
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10 Foods That Make You Eat More

24 Nov

If you struggle with eating too much, I found an awesome product that can help you feel full, eat less, and lose weight. Check it out at

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10 foods that make you eat more

Dream Killers

10 Nov

In order to become successful in life, it is important to DREAM. Nearly every idea, creation, or business started with a DREAM. Once you have your dream, you must beware of “Dream Killers.”

Here are a few of them:

1. Lack of Confidence

2. Impatience

3. Ingratitude

4. Ignore Correction

5. Unbelief

6. Fear of Failure

7. People’s Opinions

8. Your Past Experience

9. Pride

10. Bad Character

11. Wrong Associations

12. Procrastination

13. Inability to Act

14. Telling Your Dream Too Soon

15. Too Much Sleep

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