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She has Celiac Disease and PCOS, but still lost 25 Pounds

17 Jul

SF has increased my energy level and also helped to improve my healthy. It has reduced my cravings for sugar and curbed my appetite. SF is the best, all-natural weight loss supplement on the market!!!

Check out what Alisha says about SF:
“This is my most recent picture. I have lost 25 pounds I have no idea how many inches. I have been taking SF for 75 days. 
I have Celiac Disease and PCOS both of which have hindered my weight loss but here I am losing weigh for the first time in a long time.”

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She completed the 90 Day Challenge and is happy with her results

24 Sep


My customer, TKA from Jamaica just completed the 90 Day Challenge.  She didn’t have much weight to lose.  Skinny Fiber helped her lose 13 pounds and 2 inches of her waist.  Great job!!!!

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John lost 100 pounds in 133 days with the help of Skinny Fiber

15 Aug

John Cooper

What an inspiration!!

This is our WORLDWIDE 90 DAY CHALLENGE Champion!!!!…….John Cooper!!!

Hey says:

“100 pounds GONE in 133 days!!!! I DID IT!!!!

Many of you know that I have been on my journey to a healthier ME and healthier lifestyle. But there are some people that may not know me personally and do not know my story.

In October I decide that I had had enough or this overweight junk and I was ready to get down to business. I began watching some posts on Facebook in a support group that I had recently joined. I watched this group and the postings for 6 MONTHS. Then I finally decided… I’m gonna DO THIS!! I ordered the weight loss supplement Skinny Fiber that I had been seeing within the Facebook support group.

I began my journey on April 1st. I increased my daily water intake. I started measuring my foods just to get my brain adjusted to the correct portion sizes of the foods that my body REALLY needs and not the sizes that my brain thought that I needed. I also started off by doing stretch band exercises on my couch. After about 25 pounds lost, I started walking laps at the track and also started introducing some workouts with a trainer.

Along with all these new adjustments, I was also taking my Skinny Fiber (2 capsules, twice a day). 

Skinny Fiber is a tool to help you lose weight with whatever eating plan you choose. It makes it easier to stick with your plan by curbing your appetite, cutting the cravings, making you feel full quicker.

In my first 90 Day Challenge with Skinny Fiber, I lost a total of 72 pounds, in which I won the challenge and earned myself a trip to Miami, FL to be on a health and wellness talk show, and a full make over. I recently just finished my first 5K run along with 15 of my amazing friends and family members and supporters.

I am currently on day 46 of my 2nd 90 Day Challenge and I have lost 29 pounds so far. I can’t wait to see how far along I’ll be at the finish of this challenge.

I want to say THANK YOU for helping me get my health back in order. I know I have long road to go, but I’m getting closer every day. I also want to say THANK YOU to my friends, my loving family and my many supporters that follow me. Your support is what keeps me going and I appreciate it VERY MUCH. It means the world to me. Much LOVE and Thanks to you all.”

What is stopping you from ordering Skinny Fiber??

We even have a money back guarantee.  

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#LoseWeight #FeelGreat

Monica has lost 25 pounds

20 Apr

Monica Green 4.17.15

Monica has shared her results, again:

“Let’s face it!!! I was in denial for a longggg time saying I was “Big Bone” The correct term would have been I was overweight and I was making excuses.. No more excuses!!! Get the real Skinny Fiber for real results…The last I check I had lost 25 lbs… I’m 8 months in..the first pic was in 2011 and I was still not at my heaviest.”

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16 Mar

Worldwide 90 Day Challenge with linkThe FIRST EVER WORLDWIDE SKINNY FIBER 90 DAY CHALLENGE STARTS APRIL 1, 2015!

The TOP 3 WINNERS will WIN an ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP to MIAMI, FL, get pampered with a FULL MAKEOVER and be FEATURED ON TV on the ALL NEW “HEALTH AND WELLNESS CHANNEL!” (http://www.hwchannel.com)
There will be 1 GRAND PRIZE winner. Details will be provided later. Anyone who orders before 4/1/15 will be able to participate in the Worldwide 90 Day Challenge.
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Skinny Fiber Vs. Buying the Ingredients Separately

7 Nov

Skinny Fiber Vs. Buying the Ingredients Separately

Glucomannan 9/day $34.99 month supply
Caralluma 2/day $19.95 month supply
Cha de bugre 3/day $49.99 month supply
Enzyme complex 6/day $29.99 month supply
That would cost $134.92 per month!

Skinny Fiber is 100% natural & has all of those ingredients and it’s only $59.95 for a one month supply! Right now the special is buy 3 get 3 free which brings the bottle down to $29.95 per bottle. Best deal available!

Take 2 Skinny Fiber supplements 30 min before your 2 biggest meals each day. It’s really that easy!
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My Results

Me After 60 lbs 2.17.13

Today’s Transformation: Here is Jean Willis-Smith’s testimony

16 Feb

Today’s Transformation:  Here is Jean Willis-Smith’s testimony

“Hello, My name is Jean Willis-Smith,

Drum Roll PLEASE!!!! I told everyone I would have my update and it would have been last night, but I was having a little trouble getting my new pics downloaded to my computer, and I finally got it today!!!! I really can’t tell you or even emphasize how much I love Skinny Fiber!!! The 3 natural ingredients inside these capsules really do work!! AND they also have given me so much more energy….I really do pray for a lot of people out there, men and women to take the plunge and give this product a try!! It’s awesome and I will never go a day without my skinny fiber.”

Go ahead and sign up today, you won’t regret it – and the most beautiful part – even though you won’t need it – the Skinny Body Care Company has a 30 day – Empty Bottle Guarantee!!! So you can’t lose!!! (oooops you can, but it’s only the extra pounds you carry!!)

1 bottle lasts 1 month!
1 bottle = $59.95
Buy 2, Get 1 FREE = $119.85
Buy 3, Get 3 FREE = $179.70

Get your Skinny on! 100% natural! NO wraps! NO shakes! NO fake food! NO hormones!! NO KIDDING!! 30 Day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!
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