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New week, AWESOME promotion! Put some money back into your pockets while you lose weight!

10 Aug

New week, AWESOME promotion! Put some money back into your pockets while you lose weight!

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Skinny Fiber Rebate with Date

Monica has lost 25 pounds

20 Apr

Monica Green 4.17.15

Monica has shared her results, again:

“Let’s face it!!! I was in denial for a longggg time saying I was “Big Bone” The correct term would have been I was overweight and I was making excuses.. No more excuses!!! Get the real Skinny Fiber for real results…The last I check I had lost 25 lbs… I’m 8 months in..the first pic was in 2011 and I was still not at my heaviest.”

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16 Mar

Worldwide 90 Day Challenge with linkThe FIRST EVER WORLDWIDE SKINNY FIBER 90 DAY CHALLENGE STARTS APRIL 1, 2015!

The TOP 3 WINNERS will WIN an ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP to MIAMI, FL, get pampered with a FULL MAKEOVER and be FEATURED ON TV on the ALL NEW “HEALTH AND WELLNESS CHANNEL!” (http://www.hwchannel.com)
There will be 1 GRAND PRIZE winner. Details will be provided later. Anyone who orders before 4/1/15 will be able to participate in the Worldwide 90 Day Challenge.
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Skinny Fiber Vs. Buying the Ingredients Separately

7 Nov

Skinny Fiber Vs. Buying the Ingredients Separately

Glucomannan 9/day $34.99 month supply
Caralluma 2/day $19.95 month supply
Cha de bugre 3/day $49.99 month supply
Enzyme complex 6/day $29.99 month supply
That would cost $134.92 per month!

Skinny Fiber is 100% natural & has all of those ingredients and it’s only $59.95 for a one month supply! Right now the special is buy 3 get 3 free which brings the bottle down to $29.95 per bottle. Best deal available!

Take 2 Skinny Fiber supplements 30 min before your 2 biggest meals each day. It’s really that easy!
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My Results

Me After 60 lbs 2.17.13

80 days until Summer! Are you going to be ready? Sherry will! She has done AMAZING!

6 Apr
80 days until Summer!  Are you going to be ready? Sherry will!  She has done AMAZING! 
“I took Skinny Fiber for 4 months (from June to October) and lost 30 pounds, then I quit just to see if I could maintain my weight and I pretty much did, I gain back 6 pounds during the holidays but I literally ate lots of sweets so that was to be expected and I started back Jan 8th and I’ve lost 11 more pounds”

Order yours today!!!

Will you be ready for Bathing Suit Season?

15 Mar

Eventually after I post more and more Skinny Fiber Results, you’ll give the product a try and you’ll be HAPPY that you did! 

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ONLY 99 DAYS TIL SUMMER! You’ve got time to take a 90 day Challenge!


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