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She has Celiac Disease and PCOS, but still lost 25 Pounds

17 Jul

SF has increased my energy level and also helped to improve my healthy. It has reduced my cravings for sugar and curbed my appetite. SF is the best, all-natural weight loss supplement on the market!!!

Check out what Alisha says about SF:
“This is my most recent picture. I have lost 25 pounds I have no idea how many inches. I have been taking SF for 75 days. 
I have Celiac Disease and PCOS both of which have hindered my weight loss but here I am losing weigh for the first time in a long time.”

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Nothing better than creating your own weight loss success story

23 Sep

My Before & After Photo with no Date

Nothing better than creating your own weight loss success story. 

I lost 60 pounds with the help of Skinny Fiber and am committed to helping anyone who wants help losing weight achieve their weight loss goal! 

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“High-fiber foods can also aid in weight management. They absorb water to create a sense of being full, so you’re less likely to overeat. And fiber-rich foods aren’t usually as energy-dense as processed foods, meaning you can feel full on fewer calories.”

“Most women under 50 are getting about 40 percent less fiber than they should. And men are even worse, getting only about half the recommended amount. Fiber is good support for your digestion and helps promotes weight management”

Anna says, “Skinny Fiber does just what it say’s”

31 Aug

Anna Redding 8.31.15Anna Redding 2 8.31.15

Anna says:
“Skinny Fiber does just what it say’s “melts away belly fat”, I’m proof. Stay consistent and you’ll get the results you desire.”
Now is the time!


Skinny Fiber works for men and women of ALL ages!!! Get YOURS today!

21 Aug

Barry 8.20.15Skinny Fiber works for men and women of ALL ages!!! Get YOURS today!

Current SPECIALS and more testimonies HERE–> www.getfitwithcoachmarcus.com

Barry says he sleeps better, feels better and has more energy since starting SF, the only regret he has is NOT doing his measurements, 10 months later 25 lbs gone and a ton of inches, off one blood pressure med, cholesterol down all thanks to Skinny Fiber!

Skinny Fiber is something that many of us are using to take the pain out of our weight loss and we love it! It is all Natural, Stimulant and Gluten free, takes away cravings for sugar and salty things all while making us feel more full after eating way less It works! If you would like to know more just comment, message me or head on over to this site:

Current SPECIALS and more testimonies HERE–> www.getfitwithmarcus.com

*Skinny Fiber does not cure, prevent, or treat illnesses or medical conditions.

Our newest 90 Day Challenge Winner is 72 pounds lighter

13 Jul

John Cooper 7.13.15

Here is one of the winners of the April 1 to July 1 90 Day Challenge!  Skinny Fiber flat out works!

John says:

“I started on skinny fiber April 3rd I weighed 515 lbs. I had to weigh in at my local scrap yard so I could start the challenge. I lost 72 lbs in the challenge which I only did 87 days cause I didn’t receive my pills til after the challenge started. I weigh 437 lbs to date. I’ve dropped 3 pants sizes and 1 shirt size. I still have some work ahead of me but my whole family is doing it with me. July 25th I will run my first 5k race in over 20 years. I will not give up I will win my life back. Thanks everyone for all your support. Do what I did. Take a free tour at. And do your 90 day challenge.”

I am soooo happy for John.  Looking forward to his complete transformation.

Contact me for more information about losing weight using Skinny Fiber. 

Find out how to receive 3 Free bottles at www.weightlosshelpforyou.com

See how Skinny Fiber works at www.getfitwithmarcus.com

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*15 pounds is the average weight lost on the 90 Day Challenge

90 Day Challenge – Week 4: No Bread

22 Apr
Week Four – Keep Rockin

Congratulations on making it to Week 4 of your 90 Day Challenge.  As we talked about last week, it takes 21 days to form a new habit and you’ve made IT.
Now that you’ve made it here, the rest is easy.
Stick with it.  Stay Committed.  And Keep up the GREAT WORK.

This week’s extra challenge could prove, not only to be HUGE as far as your weight loss results, but also in your entire LIFE.
Here it is.  NO BREAD.
It sounds easy, and it really is.  And the health benefits can be HUGE.
But instead of me telling you why bread is so bad for your body, I want you to do your own research.  Do a quick google search of Why is Bread Bad?  And see what comes up.
There is TONS of documentation, reasons, explanations, and more about how cutting bread out of your diet could do so many good things for your body.
For those of you who are serious about changing your health, losing weight, and CHANGING YOUR LIFE, please take this one seriously.  This very realistically could be the single most beneficial change that could impact your weight loss and overall health more than ANYTHING else.  Please don’t take it lightly.
Keep up the great work, and look for the Week 5 Challenge next week.
Take the Challenge:  www.WeightLossHelpForYou.com
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Monica has lost 25 pounds

20 Apr

Monica Green 4.17.15

Monica has shared her results, again:

“Let’s face it!!! I was in denial for a longggg time saying I was “Big Bone” The correct term would have been I was overweight and I was making excuses.. No more excuses!!! Get the real Skinny Fiber for real results…The last I check I had lost 25 lbs… I’m 8 months in..the first pic was in 2011 and I was still not at my heaviest.”

Take the Challenge:  www.weightlosshelpforyou.com

Look Younger:  www.nomorewrinkles4you.com

Join the Team:  www.sbcphoenix.com

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