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She has Celiac Disease and PCOS, but still lost 25 Pounds

17 Jul

SF has increased my energy level and also helped to improve my healthy. It has reduced my cravings for sugar and curbed my appetite. SF is the best, all-natural weight loss supplement on the market!!!

Check out what Alisha says about SF:
“This is my most recent picture. I have lost 25 pounds I have no idea how many inches. I have been taking SF for 75 days. 
I have Celiac Disease and PCOS both of which have hindered my weight loss but here I am losing weigh for the first time in a long time.”

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Unscheduled Nutrition Detours

15 Sep


People often think that in order to reach their nutrition or fitness goals they have to be perfect all the time.  Depending on your goal timeline this may not be necessarily true.

The trick is to get away from any downward spiral ASAP. You’ve got to get right back on the wagon right where you fell off and for most of us that’s only one to two healthy meals away. 

The biggest mistake anyone can make is throwing in the towel. One bad meal, or a few bad foods, are no reason to give up on a lifestyle of healthy eating.

Every once in a while, after long durations, it can actually serve as a much needed break from your regular routine and may even help to keep your metabolism elevated.

Here are some tips that will get you back on track and feeling back to your normal or to begin a healthier nutritional outlook faster than you can say “Burrito Friday.”

1. Eliminate wheat and dairy for 2-3 days after the incident.  Wheat and dairy are the two most inflammatory foods that cause bloating in most people. Not to mention, when people overeat, it is usually on wheat and dairy foods such as cookies, cakes, ice cream, pasta, bread, etc.

2. Drink tons of water! Of course, this rule is applies all the time, but after a “binge,” water is even more important. You may also want to add a few squeezes of fresh lemon in for the “detoxifying” effects. Fresh lemon helps to cleanse the liver, and a clean liver will assist in your weight loss efforts.

3. Add in some extra walking.  Just adding in an extra 20 minutes of walking for the next few days can get you feeling back on track. Take a trip to the mall, do some laps around the place, people watch, see what’s on sale, and burn calories all at the same time. Just run past the ice cream, chocolate, pretzel and Cinnamon roll shops!

Do Detox Diets Work?

11 Aug

Green Drink Picture

If your holiday diet consisted of eating too many heavily processed and artificial foods, you may be thinking about adopting a “detox” this new year.

With an ultimate goal of purging the body of harmful 21st century toxins — food additives, pesticides, pollutants, and other synthetic compounds — and with glowing promises of increased energy, clearer skin, headache relief, decreased bloating, and perhaps even weight loss, detoxing sounds like an ideal solution.

But does it really work?

Do these regimens safely help the body rid toxins better than the normal metabolic processes of the liver, kidney, skin, lymph nodes, and other bodily systems?

The Basic Ingredients of a Detox Diet

All detox diets are some combination of fasting, food restriction and supplementation.

They typically begin with a “cleansing phase,” which is typically two or three days of only liquids. Brown rice, fruit, and steamed vegetables are added until about a week later when other foods — except red meat, wheat, sugar, eggs, and prepackaged foods — may be reintroduced. This final phase is expected to be followed indefinitely for maintenance.

Of course, with no standard definition of a “detox diet,” programs vary considerably.

Most include elimination of caffeine, nicotine and alcohol, and many restrict meat and solid foods altogether. The diets also tend to involve consumption of large amounts of liquid, fiber, and raw vegetables — ingredients that are thought to purge the gastrointestinal system of accumulated harmful substances.

A variety of “cleansing boosters” may be incorporated — herbal laxatives, “colonics” (aka enema, a flushing out of the rectum and colon with water), probiotics to repopulate the natural intestinal flora, and antioxidants.

Some programs even include relaxation therapy, such as massage, sauna, aromatherapy baths, deep-breathing exercises, and walking.

The (Lack of) Science Behind Detox Diets

No evidence supports that harmful chemicals accumulate in the body (in fact, the liver and kidneys are pretty good at getting rid of bodily toxins). And even if toxins did accumulate in the body, there’s no reason to believe that these detox diets would get rid of them.

Toxicologists A. Jay Gandolfi, an associate dean for research in the college of pharmacy at the University of Arizona, and Linda Birnbaum, director of the experimental toxicology division of the Environmental Protection Agency made the following points in a LA Times article:

high volumes of liquid consumption could theoretically help remove water-soluble chemicals like arsenic, but not fat-soluble chemicals (which make up most pollutants) fiber consumption may help eliminate toxic chemicals that accumulate in the liver, but not chemicals that are located in other parts of the gastrointestinal system raw vegetables have no special detoxifying properties other than that their high fiber content can further help bulk up stools
most chemicals of concern are fat-soluble and so are stored in fat. The best way to get rid of these potential toxins is not through a detox diet, but through weight loss. Slender people get rid of toxins more quickly than overweight and obese individuals.

Possible Dangers

While consuming a lot of fiber and staying hydrated are healthy when done in moderation, using colonics and laxatives that are intended to “purify” the digestive tract are dangerous.

Their use can lead to metabolic disturbances, fainting episodes, dehydration, and muscle cramps, among other complications. The more extreme programs also leave individuals protein- and nutrient-depleted. Among other consequences, this can lead to decreased lean muscle mass and slowed metabolism.

But What About the Great Benefits Countless Detox Followers Pronounce?

Benefits may exist, but they likely are not due to detoxification.

The decreased bloating is likely from eating less food; the clearer skin from increased hydration; and the decreased headaches exercise and relaxation components of the program, and psychological factors.

That’s not to say all forms of detox diets should be strictly avoided. In fact, there may be some benefit in a short-term (1-3 days) laxative-free “detox” program, but not for its purification.

As a health-promoting practice, committing to a detox regimen helps people stop and consider the healthy and unhealthy components of their lifestyles, and make changes — eating less, examining health habits, and getting rid of the junk like processed foods, nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol.

Some dietitians even recommend a “gentle cleanse” to clients. That is, a healthy dietconsisting of primarily fruits, vegetables, non-meat proteins, and lots of water while excluding substances such as nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol.

In the end, a short and moderate “detox” regimen (free of additional supplements, laxatives, and colonics) may serve as an incentive to improve a chronically unhealthy lifestyle, though remember, it does not purify or cleanse the body of toxins.

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Source: http://www.acefitness.org/acefit/expert-insight-article/3/2239/Do-detox-diets-work/

Kathy’s updated weight loss story is AWESOME

30 Jul

Kathy Gaston 7.29.15

I’ve been following Kathy’s journey for awhile. This is her most recent update:

She says:

“While looking through some Christmas pictures from 2004 I came across this picture of me, ugh!! Since I spent most of my adult life at this size I had to share with you all what Skinny Fiber has done for me. Wow, that was 11 years ago, and the start of my journey. Notice my expression?? Yeah, Christmas Eve is a BIG sit down dinner for my husband’s family so needless to say, I was exhausted!! It shows! Now, I’m losing inches on a consistent basis and have more energy than I’ve had in 30 years. Thank you Skinny Fiber!!!

I feel that I have always had weight issues and only when I was pregnant (3 times) did I ever lose weight. It was always one fad diet after the next. In 2004, after that picture, I went on Atkins. I lost around 30 pounds in a month but it caused other health issues and I found myself in the hospital for 6 days with diverticulitis. Feeling that Atkins played a huge part in that diagnosis I stopped following that plan and fell back into old and bad habits. It was never easy trying to make healthy choices for myself while cooking for our family of 5. The kids loved their junk food and I was no better. Suffering with depression from the late 90s well into the 2000s always set me up for failure when it came to eating healthy. Emotional eating was my downfall every time. I ended up with numerous health issues. High blood pressure, diverticulitis, costochondritis (an inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the breastbone (sternum) that makes you feel like you are having a heart attack every single day), asthma (since my childhood), continual migraines, 3 herniated discs in my neck, arthritis in my lower back and knees and high cholesterol (I refused meds for this). The list of ailments was endless and so was my list of prescriptions!! (Nadolol, Tramadol, Ventolin, Fiorecet, 800 mg Ibuprofen, to name a few)

Fast forward to January 2014 where my ADVENTURE began!! After catching up with a childhood friend on Facebook I was introduced to this wonderful product called Skinny Fiber. At this time I was taking the latest craze, Garcinia Cambogia and managed to lose about 10 pounds in 2 months. After seeing all the testimonials on my friend’s support group, curiosity got the best of me and I started asking her questions. I was already spending over $40 a bottle for a 2 week supply of G.C. and since I had taken other over the counter weight loss products with little to no success, I felt I had nothing else to lose, so I ordered a bottle of Skinny Fiber.

When I started using the product I went into it full steam ahead!! I continued to read the testimonies of those who used the product and they were such an encouragement. I noticed my cravings and hunger lessened within the first 2 weeks of using the product and that was fabulous in my book!! So I decided to purchase a buy 3 get 3 pack AND become a distributor because I knew if I did that I would hold myself to sticking with it, and I did!!

I started walking on my treadmill a couple times a week, always having my ice water, music, and inhaler by my side as I needed them all!! I did lose several inches and dropped a few sizes in 2 months but my knees were still not faring well under the constant pounding so I stopped walking. I still continued to take SF and the inches kept coming off, but I knew it would have come off faster if I exercised more. For Christmas of 2014 I told Santa I wanted a recumbent exercise bike and he got me one! This helped with my knees and my lower back issues as I was sitting.

In September 2014, because of my weight loss, my BP stabilized, so the doctor took me off of the meds. I no longer need my rescue inhaler on a daily basis (I don’t use it at all now), no diverticulitis issues anymore, my knees no longer hurt and I have not had any fare ups of costochondritis so no more tramadol and ibuprofen needed for those. I know that my migraines were junk food/diet pop allergy related and since I started taking my SF I changed my eating habits and those are far and few between these days. So the money I’m saving on meds and doctor visits alone pays for several months of Skinny Fiber which, in my book, is a far better option.

Anyone who has been following my adventure knows that I have said Skinny Fiber isn’t a magic pill. You need to be committed to making it work. You need to want this so badly that nothing will stop you from getting it. Once you have that mind set, the only thing left to do is place your order!!”

Ask Me How!! 

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***Skinny Fiber does not treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.

90 Day Challenge – Week 4: No Bread

22 Apr
Week Four – Keep Rockin

Congratulations on making it to Week 4 of your 90 Day Challenge.  As we talked about last week, it takes 21 days to form a new habit and you’ve made IT.
Now that you’ve made it here, the rest is easy.
Stick with it.  Stay Committed.  And Keep up the GREAT WORK.

This week’s extra challenge could prove, not only to be HUGE as far as your weight loss results, but also in your entire LIFE.
Here it is.  NO BREAD.
It sounds easy, and it really is.  And the health benefits can be HUGE.
But instead of me telling you why bread is so bad for your body, I want you to do your own research.  Do a quick google search of Why is Bread Bad?  And see what comes up.
There is TONS of documentation, reasons, explanations, and more about how cutting bread out of your diet could do so many good things for your body.
For those of you who are serious about changing your health, losing weight, and CHANGING YOUR LIFE, please take this one seriously.  This very realistically could be the single most beneficial change that could impact your weight loss and overall health more than ANYTHING else.  Please don’t take it lightly.
Keep up the great work, and look for the Week 5 Challenge next week.
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Spinach Salad with Roasted Chicken 

21 Apr

Spinach Salad with Roasted Chicken


Spinach Salad with Roasted Chicken 


Organic baby spinach

Chopped red pepper

Chopped cucumber 

Sunflower seeds 

Sliced roast chicken breast

Salad Dressing of choice 

Healthy Choice Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar


Mixed together in a large salad bowl and serve.  ENJOY!! 

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Angela and Shonna have lost a combined 114 pounds!

11 Mar

Angela and Shonna 3.6.15Angela & Shonna are friends who supported each other on their weight loss journey using Skinny Fiber.

Shonna says: “Angela and I have been friends & partners since Dec 2012! Together we have lost a total of 114 lbs!!!”

Skinny Fiber flat out works!

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