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$7 Business Model 

1 Aug

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One of my favorite videos

17 Jul

The 4 Year Plan or the 40 Year Plan?

18 Jun

Which plan do you prefer?

The 4 Year Plan or the 40 Year Plan?

The 4 Year Plan: Join a good Network Marketing company and work hard for 4 years to create generational Wealth. 

The 40 Year Plan: Out of a typical 100 people, who work a job for 40 years: 5 are still working and can’t retire, 36 retired and died, 54 are dead broke or earning far less than when they were employed, 4 are well-off financially, and only 1 is wealthy.

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Today ONLY!

8 Jan
Today ONLY! 
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ALERT: Skinny Fiber is being recognized as the best weight loss product on the market!

1 Jan


ALERT: Skinny Fiber is being recognized as the best weight loss product on the market!  I’m giving away FREE temporary positions on my Team.  If you want one,  Inbox me your email address today at weightlossmoney@gmail.com.  I will share information with you about Skinny Body Care and Skinny Fiber. No purchase required. 


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Congrats to all 978 new members/customers who joined yesterday!

20 Jul

Congrats to all 978 new members/customers that got started yesterday making it our biggest Friday on record and setting us up for the biggest month in company history. Keep sharing and caring….Bam!


Company Momentum is Nice!

29 Apr

Company Momentum is nice!



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