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Juanita and her family lost a combined 70 pounds!

10 Sep
Juanita Orozco Family 9.10.15Juanita and her family lost a combined 70 pounds!
“Here is my family, my husband lost 20 lbs, our son lost around 20 lbs and I lost 30 lbs using Skinny Fiber. This product has been a blessing to our family and to so many others!”
Skinny Fiber is all-natural and works!

WooHoo Heather!! You have to read her story

6 Sep
Heather from Barb Miller 9.6.15
WooHoo Heather!!
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She says…
“My highest weight was 324 that was in 2010 I remember that weight because that was when I had my daughter. At that weight I tried Ali and lost 50 pounds but I was scared all of the time, I was so afraid of eating the wrong thing and having a messy accident so I stopped taking it. I let 2.5 years go by before I decided to do something about my weight again. i had gained a lot of what I had lost back.
In August of 2013 I weighed in at 304 pounds. I started taking Skinny Fiber and trying to make better food choices. I was in awe at how fast the pounds were dropping and there was NO side effects to be scared of. I was eating normal portion sizes and I had lots of energy. I was making progress. 6 months into it I hit 89 pounds lost. I was ecstatic.
Then I found out I was pregnant, I instantly became scared. I had worked so hard and came so far and all i could think was now I’m going to gain it all back. With in 2 weeks I was placed on bed rest due to complications with the baby. Depression set in and I began to eat anything and everything and drink soda. I was in serious self destruct mode.
In May the worst thing possible happened I lost our baby, he had passed away in the womb. I was induced and gave birth to a perfect little boy that we named Brayden Lee. After the loss of baby Brayden I was in even more of a destructive phase and gave up on life all together. I lived that way for 2 more months and then like magic I woke up out of the fog, I realized that i was only hurting myself and my baby wouldn’t want me to do that.
I made a choice to do something about it. I got my Skinny Fiber out and started fresh. I weighed in at 269 and was wearing a size 24 pants. It has now been 63 days into my restart and Im down 36 pounds, im only 14 pounds away from my February weight.
Skinny Fiber isn’t a magic pill it is a tool that teaches us to eat smaller portions, and some how when we eat smaller portions we make smarter food choices. I am Skinny Fiber for life! I will not give up on my self and give in to self destruction ever again.
The picture below shows me at 324 ( on the left) and on the right im at 234 (on the right)
I have a LONG way to go but im doing it one day at a time.
One day at a time is all we can ask of ourselves. Nothing happens over night but if we take it one day at a time and stay true to ourselves, it will happen.”
Skinny Fiber is a tool to help you lose weight with whatever eating plan you choose. It makes it easier to stick with your plan by curbing your appetite, cutting the cravings, making you feel full quicker. Simply take 2 capsules with a glass of water at least 30 minutes before your two largest meals.
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Anna says, “Skinny Fiber does just what it say’s”

31 Aug

Anna Redding 8.31.15Anna Redding 2 8.31.15

Anna says:
“Skinny Fiber does just what it say’s “melts away belly fat”, I’m proof. Stay consistent and you’ll get the results you desire.”
Now is the time!


Kathy went from a Size 26 to a Size 16 jeans

14 Aug

Kathy Gaston 8.14.15

Here is Kathy’s update!! Isn’t she doing so AMAZING? Keep it up, you’ve got this!!!

She says:

“My latest update… I’ve been meaning to do one of these updates so today was the day!!

I tried on these jeans which were size 26. When I started my journey they were tight on me. Today, 20 months later, here I am in those size 26s!!

Today I purchased a pair of Size 16 jeans!! They are snug on me but they do zip up and I can sit with them on!!! Just not comfortable enough to wear them but by the end of the month, I WILL BE!!!

Still Lovin’ my Skinny Fiber and STILL going STRONG!!”

Isn’t it time to start your Skinny Fiber journey?

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New week, AWESOME promotion! Put some money back into your pockets while you lose weight!

10 Aug

New week, AWESOME promotion! Put some money back into your pockets while you lose weight!

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Sue lost 40 pounds

6 Aug

Sue Williamson MoschinoSue lost 40 pounds in 9 months and says:

“Figured I should do another updated Skinny Fiber before and after. First photo was on a cruise.. I believe 2007 ish..now 40 lbs lighter and a few years later haha.

I’m a rep..and like the many health benefits from Skinny Fiber so I continue to take the product that helped me in my weight loss journey.”

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Kathy’s updated weight loss story is AWESOME

30 Jul

Kathy Gaston 7.29.15

I’ve been following Kathy’s journey for awhile. This is her most recent update:

She says:

“While looking through some Christmas pictures from 2004 I came across this picture of me, ugh!! Since I spent most of my adult life at this size I had to share with you all what Skinny Fiber has done for me. Wow, that was 11 years ago, and the start of my journey. Notice my expression?? Yeah, Christmas Eve is a BIG sit down dinner for my husband’s family so needless to say, I was exhausted!! It shows! Now, I’m losing inches on a consistent basis and have more energy than I’ve had in 30 years. Thank you Skinny Fiber!!!

I feel that I have always had weight issues and only when I was pregnant (3 times) did I ever lose weight. It was always one fad diet after the next. In 2004, after that picture, I went on Atkins. I lost around 30 pounds in a month but it caused other health issues and I found myself in the hospital for 6 days with diverticulitis. Feeling that Atkins played a huge part in that diagnosis I stopped following that plan and fell back into old and bad habits. It was never easy trying to make healthy choices for myself while cooking for our family of 5. The kids loved their junk food and I was no better. Suffering with depression from the late 90s well into the 2000s always set me up for failure when it came to eating healthy. Emotional eating was my downfall every time. I ended up with numerous health issues. High blood pressure, diverticulitis, costochondritis (an inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the breastbone (sternum) that makes you feel like you are having a heart attack every single day), asthma (since my childhood), continual migraines, 3 herniated discs in my neck, arthritis in my lower back and knees and high cholesterol (I refused meds for this). The list of ailments was endless and so was my list of prescriptions!! (Nadolol, Tramadol, Ventolin, Fiorecet, 800 mg Ibuprofen, to name a few)

Fast forward to January 2014 where my ADVENTURE began!! After catching up with a childhood friend on Facebook I was introduced to this wonderful product called Skinny Fiber. At this time I was taking the latest craze, Garcinia Cambogia and managed to lose about 10 pounds in 2 months. After seeing all the testimonials on my friend’s support group, curiosity got the best of me and I started asking her questions. I was already spending over $40 a bottle for a 2 week supply of G.C. and since I had taken other over the counter weight loss products with little to no success, I felt I had nothing else to lose, so I ordered a bottle of Skinny Fiber.

When I started using the product I went into it full steam ahead!! I continued to read the testimonies of those who used the product and they were such an encouragement. I noticed my cravings and hunger lessened within the first 2 weeks of using the product and that was fabulous in my book!! So I decided to purchase a buy 3 get 3 pack AND become a distributor because I knew if I did that I would hold myself to sticking with it, and I did!!

I started walking on my treadmill a couple times a week, always having my ice water, music, and inhaler by my side as I needed them all!! I did lose several inches and dropped a few sizes in 2 months but my knees were still not faring well under the constant pounding so I stopped walking. I still continued to take SF and the inches kept coming off, but I knew it would have come off faster if I exercised more. For Christmas of 2014 I told Santa I wanted a recumbent exercise bike and he got me one! This helped with my knees and my lower back issues as I was sitting.

In September 2014, because of my weight loss, my BP stabilized, so the doctor took me off of the meds. I no longer need my rescue inhaler on a daily basis (I don’t use it at all now), no diverticulitis issues anymore, my knees no longer hurt and I have not had any fare ups of costochondritis so no more tramadol and ibuprofen needed for those. I know that my migraines were junk food/diet pop allergy related and since I started taking my SF I changed my eating habits and those are far and few between these days. So the money I’m saving on meds and doctor visits alone pays for several months of Skinny Fiber which, in my book, is a far better option.

Anyone who has been following my adventure knows that I have said Skinny Fiber isn’t a magic pill. You need to be committed to making it work. You need to want this so badly that nothing will stop you from getting it. Once you have that mind set, the only thing left to do is place your order!!”

Ask Me How!! 

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***Skinny Fiber does not treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.

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